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RGC 22 - Days of Future Pod, or: Days of Future Passe, or: Days of Future Past

ust in time for it to probably not be in theaters anymore, the Gents and special guest Shane discuss X Men: Days of Future Past. You’ll hear about their opinions on things like its title, whether or not they did a pod about Looper, Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart’s alarming ways of getting into character, and James McAvoy or Michael Fassbender. Just, y’know, them. Oh and some other legit points about the movie/ the franchise. And golf claps. 

RGC 21? - Uhhh, We Have Madden?, or: A Whole Lot of Videogame Talk

The Gents welcome first-timer Shane to the bunker and bid adieu to the last generation of videogaming by talking about their favorite games from the last 7(?) years, making it very clear that they haven’t actually played a whole lot of videogames recently. Also, they address and ultimately undermine attempts to improve after a very fair point from a listener and Ross can’t get through the intro before messing things up. Oh and a poignant discussion about hard sci-fi vs. soft sci-fi.

Also this was supposed to be a 20 minute bonus episode. That went according to plan.

The Room Drinking Game

As promised on this generic time cycle’s episode, the below is the set of rules I came up with for my The Room drinking game, almost 4 years to the day after I made it. Clearly I drank more then. Take careful, Gentlepeople! This one’s clearly designed with beer in mind.


So, “The Room” is easily one of the worst, but most unintentionally hilarious movies ever. I, with the help/ influence of some friends, have compiled a set of rules to help dull the pain of this movie through drinking. Because this is one of the most intense drinking games I’ve ever seen, there’s an “easy mode”. If I tagged you in this, you’re expected to go through this ordeal with me in the future. If I forgot you. Whups. Sorry.


“The Room” Drinking Game
*: Easy mode

Drink every time….

1*. Johnny says “Oh hai” or “don’t worry about it!”
2*. Lisa is described as “beautiful” or “sexy”
3*. There is an establishing shot of San Francisco
4*. There is a sex scene
5*. Johnny and Mark are described as “best friends”
6*. Denny does something socially awkward 
7. A new character is on screen with no explanation
8. The characters are clearly against a blue screen
9. Johnny and Lisa’s wedding is mentioned
10. A sub-plot is started that is never again referenced (breast cancer, Denny’s drugs, etc.)
11. Someone turns down drugs
12. Lisa lies about her relationship with Johnny
13. A football is passed on screen

Event-based drinks:
1*. “The results came back, I definitely have breast cancer”
2. The flower-shop scene
3*. “You are tearing me apart, Lisa!”
4. “I did not hit her, it’s not true! It’s bullshit! I did not hit her! I did *not*. Oh hi, Mark.”
5. The drug deal scene
6*. “Cheeeep cheepcheepcheepcheepcheep!”
7. “She wants to control my life. I’m not going to put up with that. I’m going to do what I want to do, and that’s it. What do you think I should do?”
8*. The tuxedo/ football scene
9. “You invited all my friends! Good thinking!”
10. Party Fight
11*. Johnny’s flashback scene (waterfall here to end the pain)

If you really hate yourself or want the pain to stop, finish your drink when Lisa asks “Is he dead?” Maybe the last 3 minutes will seem less painful.


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RGC 20 - Seven and Seven, or; Seven Samurai Vs. Magnificent Seven

The Gents tackle a classic and its very…uhh…questionable remake. Look it’s pretty hard to find anything good about Magnificent Seven. Why was Steve McQueen even in this? I mean, he barely was but still. Jeez. But Seven Samurai, what a movie. Seriously. Just watch it. Always. I need to at least once a year. Look I’m really tired and this episode was a pain to edit. Remember Gentlepeople, your fathers aren’t cowards!

P.S. Someone remind me to post the painful 20 minutes where we came up with the sign off as a bonus one day.

RGC 19 - Godzilla, or: Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Douchebags


The gents talk about the 2014 Godzilla flick, but not before a discussion about the new Batsuit, and the Star Wars cast photo. Prepare to hear a lot about Brian Cranston, a few simple ways to improve your film featuring Brian Cranston, and Ross making a world record of 28 mentions of Ben Affleck’s dick in the span of one conversation (number possibly inflated).


The Royal Gentlemen's Collective : RGC 18 - ...and Peter Dinklage as The Shark, or: Shark Movies are Cursed

The Gents get back to it and analyze the cause and effect of the “shark curse” that has plagued movies since the late 60s…but mainly just the Jaws movies. Ross admits he prefered one of the sequels more than the original as a kid, Gerald has a special request for the listeners, and Conor explains how he’s back even though it was established that he died in the last episode. ALSO, the best round of Total Recast yet! Strap in, and watch out for German existential sharks. 


whats the point of making a new tmnt movie when we have this masterpiece

(via dadboo)

The Royal Gentlemen's Collective : RGC 17 - TM,NT!: Turtles Menstruating? Not Tonight! or: The TMNT (2014) Trailer

The Gents saw the TMNT trailer and declared an emergency meeting to try to makes sense of it. They cut short a game of Total Recast in order to come up with the TMNT movie they would actually want to see. Get at us, Hollywood. This is GOLD. Oh and there are a ton of tangents, because our brains actually wouldn’t let us talk about the new TMNT for more than 5 minutes at a time.


This is bullsh.

This is what happens when we’re on a postseason break.